The Model (Mission) We believe that a holistic education for all children includes excellence in core academic skills, the development of socio-emotional and 21st century skills and values, active partnership with parents and integration with the community. The Mountain View School model works within and beyond classrooms to maximize the potential of our children.



Mountain View schools use innovative pedagogy and curriculum to ensure all learners master core academic skills.


Through effective pedagogy and an array of co- and extracurricular programs, Mountain View schools seek to equip students with the character and socio-emotional skills that help them to be responsible and compassionate citizens of their communities, country and world.


Mountain View schools create constructive partnerships between students, parents, schools, and community to ensure children are in a supportive and nurturing environment at school and at home.

Our school model is designed to set up strong teams and structures to see meaningful progress on all three dimensions of education for our children.

The model starts from goal setting to implementation to evaluation and improvement, through the School Development Review (SDR) process.

Having implemented this model in all our schools, we are continuously evaluating and evolving the model based on its effectiveness. As we see its impact in our schools, we aim to extend the model to other schools and organizations to fuel change at a systemic level.

Our Program

Innovative pedagogy and high-quality co- and extracurricular programs play an integral part in a child’s development. Our schools have programs in sports, arts, and leadership to create opportunities for our children. Our community programs aim to invest parents in the holistic education for our children.

School Management Committees

Comprised of parents, teachers, and school leaders. School Management Committees aim to ensure parent involvement in students’ education and accountability for school management. SMCs often help conduct intensive interventional work in areas surrounding schools, including programs that raise literacy levels among parents or build awareness about proper hygiene and nutrition.